Mobile Office Physiotherapy - Assessment and Diagnosis

For employees experiencing musculoskeletal pain or related issues, our mobile office physiotherapy services, offer a thorough assessment designed to identify the underlying causes, provide an accurate diagnosis, and recommend an effective treatment plan. This comprehensive evaluation, lasting approximately 30-45 minutes, is conducted by our highly skilled physiotherapists, who bring a specialised focus and expertise to diagnosing musculoskeletal conditions.

mobile office physiotherapy diagnosis and assessment

The Assessment Process

Initial Consultation:

The process begins with a detailed discussion about the employee’s symptoms, medical history, and daily activities to gather comprehensive background information.

Physical Examination:

Our physiotherapists perform a thorough physical examination to assess posture, movement patterns, strength, flexibility, and functional capabilities.


Using their specialised knowledge and diagnostic tools, our physiotherapists identify the underlying causes of the musculoskeletal issue.

Treatment Plan:

Finally, a personalised treatment plan is developed, which may include therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, ergonomic adjustments, and advice on preventive measures.
By choosing our physiotherapy services, you ensure that your employees receive the highest standard of care for musculoskeletal issues. Our expert assessments and targeted treatment plans not only alleviate pain and discomfort but also enhance overall workplace productivity and employee well-being.

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